Game Mode

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In Solo Mode, users are equipped with NFT Sneakers to earn tokens by moving. Energy is required to earn the MEG. Every 1 Energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of movement & earning movement and energy starts replenishing ONLY after the user acquires the NFT Sneakers. To get started, the user selects a pair of Sneakers of their choice and presses Start. The user will see status at the top of the screen that shows Walking or Running.
Solo Mode
Moonwalking: This will be displayed if the app detects a weak GPS/internet signal or the user is not moving spontaneously (i.e. using an e-scooter or strapping a phone on their dogs). No MEG will be earned during Moonwalking and the user may/may not lose Energy depending on the case.
Always make sure you have Energy before you move, as no money will be earned if you don't have Energy.
When Energy is exhausted, users stop earning tokens. They can choose to continue tracking their movement or manually exit Solo Mode by briefly holding the Stop button.
2. Marathon
Mode In Marathon Mode, users need to register under Marathon Tab at least 12 hours before starting. There will be both a Weekly Marathon and a Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Marathon.
  • Weekly Marathon - These Marathons are held weekly and last all week. Users can choose to participate in the 5km, 10km, or 20km Marathon, but can only participate in one Marathon at a time.
  • Monthly Marathon - These Marathons are held monthly and last all month. Users can choose to participate in the 10km, 15km, or 25km Marathon. The contest only takes place once a month.
Only users who have successfully registered will receive the notification in their Mission Journal (In Development). Users can use the Goal Setting function to track their progress. After completing the specified distance, the user will be notified via the Mission Log that the Marathon is complete.